Onemedia Unconference

‘Shaping a business blueprint for the digital media industries’

Your unconference, your agenda, your solutions

One Media is a pioneering unconference where you set the agenda to find the cross industry business opportunities that matter to you, to increase your revenue and develop your business model.

To sign up for the conference please go to the 'red sign me up button above.

• What does a successful multi-platform business model look like?

• What are the pitfalls that other industries have already discovered?

• How can you increase your turnover?• How does business work in other industries?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then the Onemedia Unconference is for you. We only have a limited number of places for each industry so to secure your attendance please click the 'sign me up' button to the left.


What do you get from attending?

All attendees will receive a report containing the pan industry thinking from the unconference.This will be released under a 'Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives' Creative Commons licence.

Who will be there? 

• People who are interested in taking their business to the next level, by exploiting the new opportunities that are arising, finding ways of building collaborations with other companies and other industries.
• Established broadcasters, organisations and SMEs that are looking to widen their markets.

Participants will be from: TV, Film, Games, Animation, Mobile, Software, Music industries


What else can you come away with?

• Building cross industry partnerships and collaborations.
• Solving individual industry problems using the knowledge base of the cross industry group.
• Answers to the creative business questions that matter to you.

Opportunities to network

You are co-creating the agenda so there is an infinite possibility for the session topics.

The unconference will be opened by a special keynote speaker (tba).